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The Cinco "C"

Rose Petal & Pistachio Shortbread

The Trail Boss

Dandelion Shortbread

Truly the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. Milk chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips, caramel chips and chopped pecans in a soft batch cookie that carries just a hint of caramel flavoring. And the size is worthy of a cookie made in Texas.

This beautiful cookie has the light, buttery taste of a traditional shortbread cookie. Perfect for special occasions such as bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, Mother's Day. (Limited availability.)

Soft batch oatmeal cookies, crispy on the outside and chock full of goodness inside, including whole sea salted almonds, pistachios, dried peaches and blueberries, and white chocolate chips for just a little touch of sweetness.

Another traditional shortbread cookie, light and buttery and loaded  with fresh dandelion petals.  (Limited availability.)